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What does a Bowen Treatment involve?

A Bowen treatment is a deeply relaxing experience that involves gentle strategic moves on the body. These moves relay healing messages via the central nervous system to restore your injured and tense muscles to their original condition.

The client will be required to lie face down on a massage table for approximately 25 mins then turn over for another 25 mins depending on the treatment.
Tom Bowen treated clients directly on bare skin, but if you are uneasy with this then please wear loose cotton clothes.
Bowen Technique incorporates timely pauses into the treatment to allow your body to absorb and integrate the moves that initiate healing. During these pauses it is common for the therapist to leave the room so as not to inhibit your healing process.

What happens after a Bowen Treatment?

Bowen Technique will continue to work in your body for up to ten days following the treatment and to keep these healing energies flowing you will be required to follow a few simple but important instructions:
• On the day of your treatment do not sit for longer than 30mins at a time.
• On the day of your treatment do not do vigorous sports and exercise or vacuuming.
• Do not apply any heat or cold packs to your injury and avoid hot showers.
• Do not have any other form of body work in between the Bowen treatments.
• Do drink at least 8 glasses water a day.
It is not unusual for symptoms to worsen for 24-48 hours, as the body readjusts itself after a Bowen treatment. It is important to drink water and to keep mobile in the days following your treatment.
You may also be given some strengthening or stretching exercises to do at home as part of your treatment.

How much does a Bowen treatment cost?

Treatment      $80/ session

Seniors          $70/ session
Student          $60/ session
Pensioner      $60/ session



      After years of recurring neck and shoulder pain and repeated visits to conventional therapists Kathryn commenced treatment using Bowen technique. After the first visit there was a noticeable improvement, two more sessions and the pain was gone.  Not only did the treatment relieve the existing condition but a few years on and I no longer experience regular pain in the neck and shoulder area. S.B. - Manly Vale

     I started regular Bowen Therapy sessions with Kathryn during the pregnancy of my 2nd child. Bowen helped alleviate my symptoms of heartburn, rib pain and lower back pain, though for me this was only part of it. Bowen also left me feeling calm and happy and with each session I felt a deeper connection with my growing baby. Kathryn attended my home birth and her Bowen Techniques were used throughout the birth providing a great support for myself and my baby daughter. I also have a long term knee condition that does not respond to physiotherapy. Bowen therapy however helps straight away by reducing pain and swelling. K.D. Southern Highlands

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      I injured my knee playing tennis, so badly that I couldn’t walk. Had Bowen Therapy and could feel it getting better by the hour. Within 2 days my knee was completely better. Thank you Kath.  E.B. Manly Vale

      I was feeling anxious about a sharp pain in the joint of my big toe - sounds silly but even walking was becoming really uncomfortable and the prospect of worsening foot pain was depressing.  After one treatment using Bowen technique, the pressure and pain I felt in the joint was gone - my spirits have lifted and I plan to enjoy my next big walk. Thanks Kathryn you have done it again! S.B.  Manly Vale

     My back has been absolutely great and has returned to its usual strength since your treatment. I have mentioned you to many people but it's funny, people just don't get Bowen somehow?! They continue getting the same treatment year in / year out, whereas I have only seen you twice!!  I need someoneone like you in my life!! I think you are great at what you do. Good luck with your practice. K.M. Freshwater